“The Eyes of My Mother” Review


“The Eyes of My Mother” is a movie that I’ve been excited to see for a long time. It’s funny to say that mainly because I knew very little about it besides what the poster told me, but I love horror and the generally positive reception from critics got me excited.

The story follows young Francisca (Olivia Bond) as she lives in a secluded farmhouse with her parents. Her mother, (Diana Agostini) formerly a surgeon, teaches Francisca about human anatomy and to be unfazed by death. One day the family undergoes a traumatic event after a stranger visits. A visit that leaves Francisca scarred, and as she grows older, act out in dark ways.

Now finally on the Netflix and finally watched it does it live up to the hype that I’ve given it? Not really.

The set-up for “The Eyes of My Mother” is promising. Within the first act the film smacks you with you with unsettling imagery and disturbing subject matter. With the stark black and white look adding an extra layer to the uncomfortableness.

However “The Eyes of My Mother” suffers from an identity crisis. It wants to be both a shocking horrific film and a meaningful one with it’s heavy themes of isolation, family and loneliness but the film can’t make up it’s mind in which one it wants to be. After the first act the plot begins to feel muddled and not well-thought out.

It’s a shame that the film fails in its writing because visually the film is gorgeous, utilizing long shots and deep shadows. The look of “The Eyes of My Mother”  just oozes dread. The lack of a soundtrack also helps with the tension with scenes being quiet to the point of uncomfortableness.

“The Eyes of My Mother” screams at you like it has something important to say but it doesn’t feel committed to its own message. While there’s some morbid enjoyment to be had, the film will escape your memory by week’s end.

“The Force Awakens” Blu-Ray Review


Let’s talk about “The Force Awakens” Blu-ray, because this is my blog and I can talk about what I want.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the seventh installment in the “Star Wars” franchise and needless to say, the movie was incredible. Capturing the magic of what made the original trilogy so loved while introducing the series to a new generation, J.J Abrams surpassed the pretty high expectations that the film had.

Now that the film is out on Blu-ray for you to watch over and over again, the question is now is that is this Blu-ray worth the price. The answer is yes.

I could go on about how beautiful the film looks like on Blu-ray (which it does) but that isn’t the most exciting part. The best part about this release are the plethora of bonus features that come with it.

First up there’s the documentary “Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey” that gives an in-depth look at the making of the film from when Disney bought Lucasfilms all the way up to the last day of production. This documentary is worth the price of the Blu-ray alone as we get insightful reviews from cast and crew as what it was like working on “Star Wars” and how the franchise inspired them.

Along with that we get several mini features that covered the cast getting together for the first table read, creature designs, how they designed BB-8, and even one that details how composer John Williams went about writing the score for the film. Despite these ones being short on length they’re heavy with content and add more insight to how the film came to be.

And lastly we have deleted scenes, while not as many as previous “Star Wars” movies had, they’re still interesting to watch and it’s cool to see the bits that didn’t make into the movie. A highlight would be the one where we see Kylo Ren explore the Millennium Falcon.

The bonus features though are not without their shortcomings. One notable presence lacking in them is the creator of the series George Lucas. It would have been nice to see Lucas give his thoughts on the new installment along with his original idea for “Episode VII” were. Also the bonus features have little to no reference to the prequel trilogy. While they are not well-received as the original trilogy, it would be surprising if they had no influence at all on this new film.

Despite these minor setbacks, this Blu-ray is a fantastic release and one any “Star Wars” or even movie fan should pick up.

Side note: The discs have artwork on them and that’s amazing. I miss days when the discs for DVDs or Blu-rays had actual images on them instead of just the title of the film.